Top Dark Aesthetic Crop Tops and Bralettes

“Showing some skin” may sound like a concept that you have heard of thousand times, but the cropped tops and bralette style of dressing have made an exposed belly a norm in today’s fashion world. In this article, we are going to go over what are crop tops and bralettes and some of our favorite dark aesthetic cropped looks.

How to Wear a Crop Top and Bralettes

How to wear crop tops

What is a Crop Top?
Know for its casual wear, a crop top is a cut top that typically sits over the stomach. If you are asking yourself, “why are crop tops popular”, well despite exposing the waist a crop top paired with a high waisted pant or skirt has become a go-to attire when it comes to casual and comfortable daily wear. Other than its comfort these tube tops are a fashionable garments that are easy to style with almost anything.

What is a Bralette?
Bras are not just for coverage and support, a fashionable bralette has become a popular choice that can style up any outfit. Made as an accessory, the lace bra types that we will go over today are harness cage bras that peak over a shirt for an accessory look. Despite being labeled as fetish lingerie at first sight, a well made bra harness can be a tasteful pick that can elevate a look.

Types of Cropped Tops and Bralettes

Gothic Strapped Crop

Strapped summer tops are an accessory in themselves. Usually design with unusual cuts, chains, or buckles, that are known to be an eye-catching centerpiece of an attire. Ideal for creating a goth ninja or techwear look, let us take a look at some of our favorite black crop tops.

Maxrise: Choker Chain Top

Maxrise: Cocker Heart Top

Maxrise: Cocker Buckle Top

Choker crop tops are a stylized strappy front crop top designs that give off a gothic aesthetic. Starting from the last garment by Maxrise, we can see a cross wrap crop top that has a modern look. The top is held in place with a techwear type buckle, one of the best picks for recreating a goth ninja look. Additionally, made out of Cotton and Spandex, that top is breathable, comfortable, and stretchy. As another Maxrise crop top the middle top is a girly pick that can add that touch of style of an all-black look. Finally, the first tube top is a chain stylized choker top. Being a difficult top to fit with a larger bust, we suggest you measure your size before ordering.

SmartRich Chocker Halter Top

Alice Star Punk Chain Top

On our list with two more choker tops, are these two stylized shirts for women. They have accessorized picks for someone looking to create an outfit that features a crop top. Designed with intriguing cuts, and metals, you cannot go wrong with these cropped tank top styles.

Mesh Crop Tops

Mesh crop tops are a stylized article of clothing that, when worn, create a layered look. Just as their thin material suggests, a mesh top is not a suitable top to keep someone warm, but their thin mature makes this the ideal blouse for a hot summer outfit. Let’s take a look at some mesh long sleeve crop top designs that you can find on Amazon.

BelleLovin Sheer Mesh Top

Sweaty Rocks Sheer Mesh Crop Top

SweartyRocks Fishnet Crop Top

Despite looking somewhat similar at first sight, these short tops are are unique mesh style crops that each have their charm. The first top on our list is the BelleLovin Sheer Mesh Top. Made out of a mix between Mesh Yarn, Polyester, and Spandex, the top is a stretchable attire that will last a while. With a rounded neckline and a long sleeves style, the top gives off an elegant look that one can style up or down with their attire. On the other hand, the Sweaty Rocks crop top is a 100 % mesh top that is great as an accessory piece to a look. Giving off a purple flair under a particular light, this top can be a great party or feature shirt. Finally, the Sweaty rocks fishnets shirt is a Polyester made crop, that is created with a thicker and larger stitch. Ideal for everyday wear and sports since this top is built to last.

Sleeve Accessory Tops

Crop tops that fall in the category of accessory shirts are stylized garments that you can accessories your outfit with. Usually plastered with unusual chains, buckets, straps or cuts, and designs, here are some of our favorite.

ANKOMINA One Shoulder Buckle Top

YEMOCILE Enfei Bandage Crop Top

C.C US Shoulder Buckle Sleeve Top

Starting form the last on our list, we can see a C.C US shoulder buckle top. Cropped with exposed shoulders and stomach, this crop top should be worn on its own. Lined with a zipper and techwear buckles along the side, this top is a goth ninja accessory that many into the gothic style might enjoy. The other two on our list are extremely cropped accessories that should be worn with a shirt underneath. Both stylized with straps and chains, the tops help complete any black aesthetic look.

Cupless Cage Bralette

For those looking to create a bolder look, there are the cupless cage bralettes. Even though this garment falls under the lingerie line, nowadays they are considered accessories that can help elevate a Goth Ninja look. Adding under a revealing shirt is how they are typically worn.


Gengs Cage Bra

Jelinda Harness Cage Bra

The Hjzlssys cage bra resembles a star-shaped bralette, that is created for a featured look. Made with a double ring closure and soft elastic spandex, the bra is more comfortable than it looks. Going for more of a subtle look is the Gens strappy bra. With a choker and a straight-line design, this open cup bralette is an excellent accessory to any closed or open style shirt. Finally, the Jelinda harness bras are thick stylized designs that are bold and eye-catching.