The Ideal Women’s Techwear Pants

The techwear and goth ninja-style is all about functionality mixed with a dark futuristic approach towards fashion. As a stylized way of dressing, finding the best neo-gothic clothing can oftentimes be more difficult than your typical streetwear attire. And even more uncommon is to find well fitted stylized goth ninja clothing for women. Therefore, we have picked out the ideal women’s techwear pants from both the Crisiswear collection and online alternatives, that you might just want to add in your closet. We are going to go over why these pants are the high-quality selections, and what makes them so.

Top Techwear Pants on Amazon

Nowadays, shopping online has becomes a new norm that many fashion followers follow. Purchasing your clothing from mass shops such as Amazon, is the best way to assure that you will find what you need. Despite having a large variety of items, Amazon’s women techwear collection is full of great finds if you know where to look. Lets go over some of the best womens goth ninja pants Amazon has to offer.

Sporty Techwear Pants

Sporty techwear attire usually refers to comfortable clothing that is made out of Polyester. This form of sweatpants might go under the name sporty but are the ideal casual garments to either lounge around with or even go out. Below are some picked out Women joggers that fall under the techwear trend.

Milumia Buckel Belt Jogger

Verdusa Sheer Mesh Pocket Pants

Romwe Workout Jogger Pants

First, we have a Milumia branded pant. These joggers take the most simplistic approach to a techwear garment. With an elegant all-black strap detail and a simple cuffed design, these pants are the ideal neutral addition to a flashy top. In contrast, the next techwear garment, by Verdusa, is a highlighter pant that can easily become the spotlight of one’s look. Wrapped with a mesh pocket center, the women’s techwear pants are a great addition to a fall or summer look. Lastly, the Romwe workout joggers, are a great pick for anyone looking for a mix between every day and sportswear techwear clothing. With a great design yet comfortable, you will not regret picking these up.

Everyday Techwear Pants

On the other hand, everyday techwear pants are just for what the name suggests. Made for creating a great dark aesthetic attire, these pants take on a fancier version of your typical cargo hip hop pants. While many of this design available on Amazon, here are some of the best-sellers we could find.

Morcure Hip Hop Baggy Pants

Listha Reflective Cargo Pants

Aoweer High Waisted Cargo Pants

Starting off with another simplistic yet class look is the Morcure hip hop pants. Created to give off a baggy dark look, these are the pants you will always want to wear. Easy to match with almost anything, we suggest every woman should have at least one pair of such techwear pants in their closet. Next, we have the Listha garment. Being an attire that will always capture your eye, the pants are lined with a reflective material that shines in the night. With their bold design, these pants are spotlight additions to an outfit. Lastly, the Aoqweer high-waisted pants, are another classical techwear look that will help you pull off any goth ninja style. Attached with a strap belt and large pockets, the pants have a traditional trechwear style.

Unisex Techwear Pants

Unlike women’s clothing, men’s techwear pants have becomes a garment that can easily fall under the Unisex label. Most of the time, just knowing your waist measurements is enough to get the right fit, and even if you end up with a large techwear pant, rolling it up and adding a buckle belt might give you a desired baggy pants look. Take a look at just some of out favorite men’s unisex techwear pants.

Banana Bucket Basic Jogger Pants

Nantersan Casual Jogger Cargo Pants

Aelfic Eden Casual Cargo Pants

Scrolling through the men’s selection of techwear pants you might find yourself wondering why you cannot find any women techwear garments. Well, look no further. Whether you are looking for a packet pocket pants, a highlight feature piece, or just a simple black look, all of these above are unisex joggers that might just be your perfect fit.

Alternative Techwear Shirts

Now that we have gone over some of the best techwear womens pants you can add to your techwear closet from Amazon here are a few of our favorite goth ninja style shirts you can accessories your pants with.

Techwear U. Outfits: Lucky 58

Vaporwave Cropped Euphoria

Techwear U. Outfits: Future Society

Fatale MKI

Crisiswear Techwear women pants

These long style utilitarian pants are the ideal women’s goth ninja pants styled for both comfort and fashion. Being a part of Crisiswears 2018 collection, these are the type of long-lasting pants that never go out of style. Made out of a black stretch bull denim that has a double-stitched technique, the pants are made for comfort and durability. With a casual yet street worth look, the black denim is also known to be quick-drying, elastic, and abrasion-free. The fit of the pants takes on more of a neo-gothic style, with a low waisted line. Additionally, the bottom of the pants have a more slim fit, whereas the top sits more comfortably.

Packed with six different pockets, the detailing on this garment is a highlighted aspect that makes it a top seller. Using an overlapping petal design for the deep pockets, the pants do not look overdone and give off a harmonic finish. With two double-zipped pockets in the back and four deep pockets in the front, you will always have space for all of your belongings. Finally, a metallic button is added to the front and back of the pockets, for that touch of detail.

Made out of high-quality materials, handcrafted stitching, and high attention to detail, you cannot miss out on these pants. Perfect insulators during warm weather, as well as a pair of pants that will keep cool during the summer, these are truly one of the best long women techwear pants you can find. Being a long-lasting investment that you will find yourself always wearing, these pants are a popular pick for many.

Daisycutter MKI


For the upcoming summer, these Daisycutter shorts are must in any goth ninja enthusiasts’ closet. As part of Crisiswear’s first collection of high waisted aesthetic, these shorts are designed for a fit that flatters the curves of a body. Made out of a flexible high-quality black denim they allow for an extremely reliable garment that is weatherproof and comfortable. Furthermore, the conditions of the denim fabric help keep that structure of the shorts for a long time, making them durable and always well fitted. As part of Crisiswear’s clothing, the pants are designed, cut and assembles in a handmade fashion by expert designers. With double-stitched seams and well-picked materials, these shorts are a quality investment that will last you a life-time.

Taking a look at the design of the Daisycutter MKI shorts, we can see a take on a utilitarian design that is focused on functionality and the goth ninja style. Aiming to achieve an all-around intriguing look, the garment used two different colors of denim. With a dark fabric that has a rougher appearance in the center, and lighter denim on the sides and the details. Creating a complex and yet appealing style, the colors and materials work together to create a slimming look. 

One of the most valued aspects that give these shorts that techwear look, is its added attention to detail. Starting from the front of the shorts, we can see two parallel zippers that highlight the division of the different fabrics used. The zippers straight down nature, adds further to the slimming illusion giving off a more flattering fit. Making our way to the side, we can see a large deep triangle-shaped pocket. Sewn with ones hip shape in mind, these pockets have a unique appeal, as they start from the front and end in the back. Due to their large shape, the pockets are both practical and compliments one’s body shape. At the top of the pants, hidden behind a strapped layer for a cleaner style, there is a magnetic closure that will hold the plants in place.  Additionally, the shorts have self-adjustable buckles on the sides for ultimate comfort and design.

Praised for their handmade stylish construction and flexible materials, these are the ideal pants for everyday use. If you are looking for a durable women’s goth ninja shorts that are high quality then these are the best pick for you. Check them out, and more on Crisiswear’s original online shop.